Why Using Mobile Protection Service is a Smarter Option Than Mobile Insurance

Your mobile phone is a convenience device that can help you do many things quickly and effortlessly today. The same tasks would have taken you a lot of time and effort, not to mention the hassles, a few years back. But do you know that as mobile technology develops and evolves, you face a greater risk of security being compromised or data and even your expensive phone getting stolen?

There was a dramatic increase in mobile malware in 2015 as compared to 2014 and it can be anticipated that the risk element associated with malware will only increase in 2016. Figures show that there is an increased attempt by cyber criminals to target mobile users. It is also apparent that they are stepping up their game. As we see an increase in the level of sophistication of mobile malware.

It has become imperative for users of high end mobile phones to ensure proactive protection of their devices so that they do not become victims of cyber criminals and mobile thieves. Using the services of a mobile insurance company in India might give you protection from damage and technical glitches for a year at the most. For extended protection that covers a broader spectrum of performance issues, you must explore the best mobile protection plan from a reputed service provider.

With mobile devices becoming a key component of everyday use for both professional and personal needs, and with sensitive data moving beyond the conventional security boundaries into the cloud, the threat perception is higher than ever. Securing this sensitive data by using advanced mobile protection processes has become the need of the hour.

There are companies that offer impeccable and sophisticated mobile protection that covers all risk elements that your mobile phone is exposed to. Apps Daily is one of the best in this domain and is a better service to use than relying on some mobile phone insurance in India.

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