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What is Daily Khelo?

Daily Khelo is a one-stop-shop for 400 of the best Android games entirely free from harmful viruses that could attack your smartphone. You can now browse, search and download unlimited games for a full year's subscription. What's more? You can transfer your Daily Khelo subscription to your new smart-phone and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

What happens if I delete the Daily Khelo App?

All the installed games will stop working. You will have to re-install the Daily Khelo app again, after which all the installed games will start working normally.

What happens if I clear the APP data of any downloaded and installed game? or clear the app data of Daily Khelo?

The game will stop working. You will have to uninstall and re-download the game from Daily Khelo.

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Game Play

How to download games?

  • Tap on a game that you would like to download
  • You will land on the game description screen.
  • Tap on the download button to start the download process.
  • While the download is in progress, you can navigate to other pages of Daily Khelo and perform other actions like browsing other categories, rating or write reviews etc.
  • You can also download multiple games at the same time. After the game downloads you will view a screen that asks you to Install the game. Tap Install
  • Now tap "Open" OR go to the main menu of your Android phone and click on the game icon to start playing
  • Happy Gaming!

How to cancel a game download in progress?

On the game page, you can tap on the cross button (X) besides the download progress bar to stop the download of a particular game.

Where can I find the list of all the games that I have downloaded?

  • Open the Daily Khelo appp
  • Tap on the Daily Khelo logo on the top-left corner
  • Tap on My Games

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What happens to my games after the subscription validity expires?

  • You will not be able to play any of the downloaded/installed games after your subscription validity expires.
  • You will also not have be able to access the Daily Khelo app
  • To renew, you would have to re-subscribe

Can I renew the subscription while I'm already subscribed or I have to wait for my subscription to get over?

Yes, you can renew your subscription while you're already subscribed, and your revised expiry shall be exactly 1 year from the last date of your current subscription

What happens when my subscription is expired and I try to launch a game?

You will be taken to the subscription renewal screen on Daily Khelo where you can enter the new scratch code and renew your subscription.

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Transfer of Device

Can I transfer my subscription to a new device? How?

  • Below is the process that will help in simplifying the process of change device for the user:
    1. Download the Daily Khelo app from
    2. Install the Daily Khelo App on your new Android phone
    3. Launch the Daily Khelo App
    4. Tap on the "Existing User" and "Login" with your login credentials.
    5. Navigate to the "My Games" section of the Daily Khelo app to view the list of all the games that the user has downloaded till date on the previous device(s).
    6. Download and install the games from this list.
      • Please note that for each game, based on the compatibility:
      • If the game is compatible with your new device, you will get the "Install" option for that game
      • If the game is not compatible with your new device, it will clearly inform the user that it is "Not Compatible"
  • NOTE: Once you transfer from Phone A to Phone B, you cannot transfer back to Phone A, but you can transfer to Phone C.
  • Once transferred, the games on the previous device will be deactivated automatically

Can I download games on multiple devices with my subscription?

No, the subscription service can be used only on one device at a time. If you transfer from one device to another, you cannot re transfer back to the old device.

How do I transfer my subscription back to my old device?

You cannot do that by yourself as all the old devices are blocked by the system. If you wish to switch back to the old device, you need to get in touch with our customer care.

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