Mobile Protection That Takes Care of All Possible Risks Your Device is Exposed to

The mobile phone has now become the lifeline for most people. They are dependent on it for almost everything; to make calls, remain connected to the social media, carry out transactions, manage business operations, store various types of data, and more. So when your mobile device gets damaged, or is stolen or malfunctions, it can land you into trouble. That's why you need mobile protection. Don’t mistake it for mobile insurance which you can buy from any mobile insurance company in India. Mobile protection is different.

Mobile devices have become our connection to the world. When that connection breaks down due to mechanical, technological or other reasons, it can put you under tremendous stress and make you feel completely helpless. Of course, high end mobile devices do come with extended manufacturer’s warranty but that typically covers only technical failure.

Mobile protection plans from leading service providers in this niche gives you protection than covers more than what a warranty would generally cover. It will include protection plan from damage, technical malfunctioning, theft, loss, accidental damages and even data loss. Besides providing high quality protection with minimal documentation, you can also get a stand-by handset till your claim is satisfactorily resolved. Repair and/or replacement process is faster to ensure you are inconvenienced the least. One of the most trusted names in mobile protection is AppsDaily.

You can expect and receive professional quality protection and service from AppsDaily which you may not receive from a provider of mobile phone insurance in India. You can get the best device protection plans at extremely competitive prices backed by a robust customer service. AppsDaily is known for its fastest turnaround time so that your mobile phone is back in your hands in the quickest possible time. Choose mobile protection for your phone. It is better than mobile insurance, any day.

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