Product and Content partners

We do things differently, and we do different things. When we partner, we don't just partner - we make sure our success lies in your success. We have the capability to monetise your products and content, like no one else can. Why? Because through our retail footprint of 10000+ stores , customers trust our advice and are happy to pay by cash, ( their most preferred mode of payment) for apps, content and digital services. We look for long term partners who are committed to our vision; who have the belief and patience in our model; who are willing to break the norms of the current digital distribution deals; who are open to working closely with us, through the nuances of our retail model, and make it a success. Come let's partner. Do write back at

OEM partners

Smartphone OEM's are always looking for sweeteners to entice customers. Our products and services are perfectly aligned to fulfil this need. We are the leaders and only Pan India player in Mobile Protection covering security and Insurance. Above all, we have robust systems and processes along with a dedicated team of over 1000 personnel, to service claims. Our objective being, to keep up YOUR brand promise. Do write back at

Trade Partners

AppsDaily has built the first offline market for apps in the world, focused on being India's FMCG for digital goods. You will join a company who has sold over 2 million apps, with trade partners in 250 cities across India and support from more than 3500 employees (and counting).

This is your chance to become part of the most exciting retail story in India today. Contact us to see how we can make every day better, together.

Telco Partners

We believe our retail presence, is the perfect last mile for telecom operators, to drive 3G education and adoption to your customers. We are open to jointly think of breakthrough innovations. It's all about that first step. Do write back at

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