Game FAQs

Application Information

What is Daily Khelo?

Daily Khelo is a one-stop-shop for upto 400 of the best Android games entirely free from harmful viruses that could attack your smartphone. You can now browse, search and download unlimited games for a full year's subscription. What's more? You can transfer your Daily Khelo subscription to your new smart-phone and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

What happens if I delete the Daily Khelo App?

All the installed games will stop working. You will have to re-install the Daily Khelo app again, after which all the installed games will start working normally.

What happens if I clear the APP data of any downloaded and installed game? or clear the app data of Daily Khelo?

The game will stop working. You will have to uninstall and re-download the game from Daily Khelo.

How much more do I need to pay for Daily Khelo?

You have paid 999 for the 1 year subscription, Now, you can download unlimited games for the period of 1 year without any charges. Data charges may apply; we suggest you opt for an unlimited data plan from your service provider or use Wi-Fi connectivity.

Will the download games continue to work if Daily Khelo is reinstalled?

Yes, as long as the customer signs in using the existing login with a valid subscription