Anti Virus

How do I scan my phone?

To scan your phone for Viruses, go to Antivirus and click on Full Scan option to scan entire phone for virus.

How do I remove virus?

If threats are found in your phone, application will pop up with virus details with 3 options.

  • Remove: It will remove/delete that file(s) from your phone.
  • Ignore: It will ignore the file(s) for now. But next time when you scan, it will again show you in threat details.
  • Trust: It will add in the list of trusted applications.

What is SD Card scan?

If you only want to scan Memory Card, then select this option.

What if I want to scan a particular file?

Click on File Scan option, then select the file which you want to scan. If there is a threat found in that file, it will give you a threat alert pop up.

Do I have to scan manually every time?

No. With the help of schedule scan option you can define frequency, time and type for scan.

  1. Select Schedule Scan
  2. Select Frequency; i.e. One time event, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  3. And Select Type of Scan

What gets updated with "Update now" option?

"Update now" option updates the virus definition for your phone. In simple terms, it updates the details of new viruses floating on internet.

Do I have to update virus definition manually?

No, In Antivirus settings you can define the frequency to update virus definition.

Do I require Internet connections?


What is Task Manager?

Task manager displays all the applications, tasks and services currently running in background.

How do I stop application/process/services from running in background?

Tap and Hold the application/process/service for 3 seconds and select stop to kill it.

What is application permission?

Displays installed applications list and permission details.

What is Trusted Applications?

This selection displays the list of applications that you have set as trusted app.

In Antivirus settings, what is update frequency?

It helps you set the frequency for antivirus updates.

What is app auto scan?

If check it, when you installs new application, antivirus will scan it.

What is file auto scan?

If it is checked, when you copy or download any new file, antivirus will scan it.

What is SD auto scan?

The scan program will scan files in the SD card when the SD card remounts on the phone.

Will the scan process affect my other usage? Will it run in the background?

No. Scan process will run in the background.