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SMS Backup and Restore

How do I backup all my SMSes?

On clicking on Backup in SMS backup option, all the SMSes in the phone will be backed up on secured AppsDaily server via GPRS. Messages backed up can be viewed at by logging in with your username and password.

How many Messages I can back up?

You can backup unlimited messages.

What if I get some new messages, will I get any reminder to back up to new SMSes?

Yes, application reminds to back up new SMSes received or sent. To enable backup reminder, go to settings in SMS backup and enable Reminder SMS.

What if some of my contacts SMS gets deleted?

Restore option allows you to restore all your SMSes back to your phone easily and free of cost.

What if I change my handset and I want to restore my SMSes?

In your new handset download and install DailyCopy from and register using existing username and password. After successful registration, clicking on restore SMS will retrieve all your SMSes in new phone.
Note: Restoring of SMSes is only available in android phones.

  • Note: Restoring of SMSes is only available in android phones

Can I restore selected SMSes?

No, that is not possible.

What is Delete Inbox SMSes in SMS Back up Settings?

Delete Inbox SMSes option allows to delete messages from your message Inbox once backed up.