Security FAQs

Anti Theft

What is SIM Whitelist?

SIM Whitelist allows you to use multiple SIMs in your handset without triggering the SIM change attack (automatic data hiding, message alert to the SOS numbers and screen lock in case the Auto Lock option is on).

How can I add a SIM to the SIM Whitelist?

To add a SIM to the SIM Whitelist disable the Auto Lock option and remove the numbers from the SOS list. Insert your new SIM and open the app then click on SIM whitelist in Antitheft, the new SIM will be registered in the SIM Whitelist.
Remember to add the SOS numbers back to the SOS list to continue using the SOS feature and turn the Auto Lock option if required.

What number is displayed in SIM whitelist option?

In SIM Whitelist, it displays the IMSI (International Subscriber Identity) number of your SIM card.

How I do get the IMSI number of my new SIM Card?

You shall get IMSI number of your new SIM card from your service provider.

Can I enter IMSI number manually?

No, you need to change the SIM card and open the app and then click on SIM whitelist in Antitheft. And it registers the IMSI number automatically in SIM whitelist.

What is SOS Numbers?

During SIM change attack or Remote SMS command attack or SOS, certain data can be sent remotely to the SOS number(s) via SMS. You can have three different SOS numbers entered in the app.

Will I be charge for the SMS sent by app on the SOS Numbers?

Yes, as it uses SMS service to send SMS you will be charged as per local/National SMS Charges.

What types of SMSes are sent on SOS numbers in event of theft (SIM change or remote SMS attack)?

Details like IMEI of the phone, Cell ID of operator's SIM card being used in the phone, SIM Card's IMSI Number, remote SMS commands, Longitude and Latitude are sent to the SOS numbers.

Does it require internet connection to send location details?

Yes, it uses both GPS and GPRS service to fetch location details.

What is protected content?

Protected content allows you to hide selected folders in the event of a phone loss or theft. To use this option;