Security FAQs


How to change password?

To change password follow the following steps:

  • Click on Password Reset option in Settings
  • Enter Current Password
  • Enter New Password
  • Enter New Password again
  • Click on Ok to change password
Changing password from application will also change password for Password change will incur an SMS cost as per your service provider.

What is Uninstall Lock?

If the Uninstall lock is turned ON and you select the Back or Submit button it will ask to activate device administrator, here we have to activate device admin which will prevent Daily Ultimate Protection from being uninstalled.
To Uninstall Daily Ultimate Protection follow the steps:
Go to settings Set Uninstall Lock OFF Go to Phone's Settings Click on Manage Apps Uninstall the App.

What is Call Bar?

  • This feature helps you to block all outgoing calls other than the numbers added to the whitelist.
  • To bar all outgoing calls, tick call bar option, to bar particular numbers remove tick from call bar option and click call bar to add numbers?

How to add numbers for Call Barring?

  • Add from phone book: Select this option to add numbers to whitelist from the existing contacts in phone book
  • Add Manually: Select this option to manually enter Name and Phone Number the white list

What is SOS Screen Lock?

SOS Screen lock changes the lock screen to customized lock of Application which gives direct access to SOS option. With this option, you can enable/disable SOS Lock Screen.

What is Create Shortcut?

With the help of Create Shortcut, you can create shortcut of SOS Icon and SMS scheduler Icon on homescreen.

From where I can download the App?

You can download app from . Or you can visit our nearest retailer for complete Installation and Registration process.

How to install application?

Click on the downloaded file on your phone and click on Next/Install to Install the app and follow the steps.

Is the registration process necessary while installing this app?

Yes, registration is mandatory as it is done on your mobile IMEI No. It will help you to track your mobile and take necessary steps in case it is stolen. Also your contacts will be backed up against your account which gets created on registering App.

How do I register App?

  • Click on Register in App to register. In case if you are an existing user, click on Existing User icon and enter your username, password and Mobile Number to re-register the app.
  • For Registration, you would need Product Registration Scratch Code which can be purchased from our nearest retailer or from our Website (not protection product)

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