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SMS Scheduler

What is SMS scheduler?

Using SMS Scheduler option, you can predefine SMSes which needs to be sent at a particular Time or Date. For Example, you tend to forget birthday of your friend in such scenario you can define the SMS for her/his birthday on her/his birth date & time you want to wish her/ him.

Will I be charge for SMS sent via SMS Scheduler?

Yes. SMS Charges are applicable (separately for Local and National).

How to Schedule SMS?

  • To schedule an SMS follow the below steps:
  • Add name(s) from your contacts/phonebook or Enter number(s) in number field.
  • Write SMS Content which needs to be sent.
  • Schedule Date and Time.
  • Set Repeat to auto resend the SMS to one of these options (No / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly)

How do I check the Scheduled SMS list?

You can check your scheduled SMS list in 'Scheduled List' option.

How can I check the sent SMS history of my Scheduled SMS?

You can check history of your Scheduled SMS in 'Scheduled History'.

Will there be a signature in SMS sent from SMS scheduler, like Sent via SMS Scheduler?

No, it is sent like a normal SMS.