How to change password?

To change password follow the following steps:

  • Click on Password Reset option in Settings
  • Enter Current Password
  • Enter New Password
  • Enter New Password again
  • Click on Ok to change password
Changing password from application will also change password for www.appsdailyworld.com. Password change will incur an SMS cost as per your service provider.

What is Un-install Lock?

If the Un-install lock is turned ON and you select the Back or Submit button it will ask to activate device administrator, here we have to activate device admin which will prevent Daily Ultimate Protection from being uninstalled.
To Uninstall Daily Ultimate Protection follow the steps:
Go to settings Set Uninstall Lock OFF Go to Phone's Settings Click on Manage Apps Uninstall the App.

What is Call Bar?

  • This feature helps you to block all outgoing calls other than the numbers added to the whitelist.
  • To bar all outgoing calls, tick call bar option, to bar particular numbers remove tick from call bar option and click call bar to add numbers?

How to add numbers for Call Barring?

  • Add from phone book: Select this option to add numbers to whitelist from the existing contacts in phone book
  • Add Manually: Select this option to manually enter Name and Phone Number the white list

What is SOS Screen Lock?

SOS Screen lock changes the lock screen to customized lock of Application which gives direct access to SOS option. With this option, you can enable/disable SOS Lock Screen.

What is Create Shortcut?

With the help of Create Shortcut, you can create shortcut of SOS Icon and SMS scheduler Icon on homescreen.

From where I can download the App?

You can download app from www.appsdw.com . Or you can visit our nearest retailer for complete Installation and Registration process.

How to install application?

Click on the downloaded file on your phone and click on Next/Install to Install the app and follow the steps.

Is the registration process necessary while installing this app?

Yes, registration is mandatory as it is done on your mobile IMEI No. It will help you to track your mobile and take necessary steps in case it is stolen. Also your contacts will be backed up against your account which gets created on registering App.

How do I register App?

  • Click on Register in App to register. In case if you are an existing user, click on Existing User icon and enter your username, password and Mobile Number to re-register the app.
  • For Registration, you would need Product Registration Scratch Code which can be purchased from our nearest retailer or from our Website (not protection product)

What is the length of Full Name?

Name can have 16 characters.

Do I need to have Govt. ID proof for registration?

Yes, Govt. ID proof is required during the Claim process.

Do I need to enter full name?

Yes, Only First Name and Last Name as per Govt. ID proof. Father's Name can be entered in Father's name field.

Do I need to enter Full Father's Name?

No, Only First Name without space.

What is Invoice Number?

Purchase Invoice Number of Mobile Phone (Bill of Mobile Phone)

My Invoice Number is too big. Do I need to enter entire number?

No, you can only enter last 6 digits of Invoice.

What is Invoice Date?

Invoice Date is Date of purchase of Handset. Also Invoice Date cannot be older than 15 days.

What if my invoice date is passed more than 15 days?

You are not eligible for protection.

What is Invoice Amount?

Invoice amount is the amount of the mobile phone purchased.

Can Invoice Amount include charges of other Accessories purchased?

No, Invoice amount should be purely of Mobile phone.

Can Invoice Amount include TAX?


Which retailer's name I should enter in Retailer Name?

Retailer from where mobile phone has been purchased.

What is Retailer's Location?

You can enter location of Retailer. Like, Mumbai.

What is Gateway?

Gateway is a medium of communication for Registration process. Like, GPRS and SMS.

Can I use Wi-Fi connection for registration?

Yes, In Select Gateway you have to select GPRS.

How much I'll be charge for registration via GPRS?

You will be charge as per your current active GPRS plan.

What is the Primary SMS/Secondary SMS?

Primary SMS Gateway is the primary option to register application via SMS. In case there is no response received via Primary SMS then customer may opt for Secondary SMS Gateway option.

How much I'll be charge for registration via SMS?

Normal SMS charges, if registered via Primary SMS and Premium SMS charges if registered via Secondary SMS.

Whose phone number I need to enter?

Your phone number (i.e. Customer's phone number)

Do I need to tick, protection policy and user agreement?

  • Yes, without accepting both agreements your registration cannot be completed.
  • After filling all the details click on next.

Which Email ID I can use here?

Any Email ID, It may be your personal or official Email ID.

What is this password?

Password is to access Application and AppsDaily portal (Customer Login Portal).

What is the length of password?

Password can be minimum 4 and maximum 6 digits. And Password and Confirm Password should be the same.

Can I use alphabets in password?

No, alphabets cannot be used in the password.

What is Scratch Code?

Scratch Code is a Case sensitive alphanumerical code provided in the product kit. It is similar to a recharge voucher.

Can I register without Scratch Code?

No. It is the license code through which protection and/or Software is registered.

Whose D.O.B I need to enter?

In case protection products, Date of Birth of the person on whose name protection is getting registered.

Can Customer be minor or less than 18 in age?

No, Customer should be 18+ in age. And in case of protection product, Customer should have valid ID proof issued by Govt. of India.

What is Handset Make/Model?

Handset make and Model is your phone's Model number. Like, Samsung Galaxy S3.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity of phone. It is the unique serial number of your phone.

How do I check IMEI number of my phone?

  • For GSM phones, you can dial *#06# to check IMEI number of your phone.
  • In case of CDMA phones, there is RSN number (similar to IMEI, but for CDMA phone) which can be found in about phone details of on the box the phone.

Do I need to enter all Handset make, Model and IMEI number manually?

  • In case of Android and Blackberry OS 10 series phones, it fills data automatically. In case of other operating systems like, Windows 8 or Apple iPhone, customers need to enter details manually.
  • After duly filling all the details, click on submit to register.

Will I receive confirmation of registration?

  • Yes, you will receive confirmation message of registration with username and password.
  • In case of protection products, you will receive details on your registered phone number.

Can I change some details in protection details?

Yes, within 24 hrs of registration you can mail us to protection@appsdailyworld.com to change protection details.

After registration an option to enter SOS Numbers appears. Whose number should I enter?

SOS Numbers can be phone number of yours family and friends number on which notification and details of your phone will be sent during SOS and Theft Activity.

Is it necessary to enter all the three numbers?

No. But we recommend you to enter all the three numbers. So in case if either of the number is switch, others may receive messages.

Can I skip entering the SOS numbers?

Yes, you can. You can also enter SOS numbers later from Anti Theft option in Application Home Screen.

After I clicked on Save/Skip, the application is asking me to activate Device Administrator. What should I do?

You can click on Activate to activate Device Administrator. Device Administrator prevents uninstallation of the application. To deactivate device administrator, go to your phone settings. Go into Security option, click on Device Administrator. In device administrator option, unmark the application and click on deactivate.

  • Now your application is registered.

What is AppsDaily Portal?

AppsDaily Portal is an online portal on which you can check your phone's location, backed up contacts and SMS.

Address to login on AppsDaily Portal is www.appsdailyportal.com.

Can I check location of previous dates?

Yes, if you had done location tracking on previous dates you can select the date and click on search to check location details.

Can I change details of contacts on Portal?

No, editing and deleting of contacts is not possible on portal.

Can I delete SMSes from portal?

Yes, you can delete. But once it is deleted it cannot be restored.

Can I change password of portal?

Yes, Go to Accounts Tab and change password.

The password that I will change for portal, will it also change for application?

No, it will only change for portal. If you want to change for application, go to settings Icon in application and click on password reset option.