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What is SOS feature?

SOS stands for Save Our Souls, it allows you get personal protection in case of any emergency. With the help of SOS feature you can get in touch with your near and dear ones in case of any emergency with a single click of a button.

How SOS features work?

SOS can be accessed from the lock screen or android home screen. To access from lock screen, click and hold on SOS icon for 5 seconds and to access from home screen, click on SOS icon once.

What will happen when SOS is activated?

When SOS gets activated the following actions happen:

  1. A miss call (panic call) on the numbers in SOS Numbers list,
  2. An SMS with a Google Map Link with your location (longitude and latitude) to the SOS numbers
  3. A video recording starts to capture what is happening around you. This video has no limit to record and gets saved in your phone's memory.

Below is the format of SMS which is send

"I am in trouble..."

Will I be charged for the SMS sent?

Yes. Local and National SMS charges will apply.

What if, if my data connection is not active?

If your data connection is not active, the Google Map Link won't be sent in the SMS.

How can I disable SOS lock screen if I want to use my personal lock?

You can disable lock screen from Application. Open application, go to settings and click on SOS Screen Lock to Enable/Disable it.

How do I get the SOS shortcut on my home screen, if it gets deleted?

To create shortcut of SOS icon on home screen, open application and in settings option click on Create Shortcut.