Security FAQs

Call Filter

What is Blacklist?

Number blacklist restricts all unwanted calls which are predefined by you.

What is Whitelist?

Number whitelist allows calls only from the predefined numbers.

What is smart reject sensor?

Once this feature is enabled, it will prompt you after every call whether to add the number in Blacklist or not.

How to create Call filter list?

  1. Go to 'Filter List' -> Click 'Select' Button -> Add 'New List'.
  2. List Name: Add 'Name'. E.g. Credit Card Companies or Caller Tune Calls.
  3. List Type: Blacklist/Whitelist
  4. List Action: Reject/Reject with SMS.

What happens if "Reject with SMS" option is selected?

If 'Reject with SMS' is selected in list action, it will send predefined SMS to all the rejected calls.

How do I add number?

Click on list created and select Add from phone-book to add numbers from contacts. You can also select Add manually to manually add numbers.

What is Active Filter list?

  • Active filter list allows to you activate the list created.
  • Go to active filter list option and Select List name from the Active filter list option.

What is incoming Call Control?

Incoming Call Control defines the action for Call filter. If you wish to disable call filter function, please select disable in Incoming Call Control option.